Discover the Marennes-Oléron basin

With a production area of around 30 km2, the Marennes-Oléron basin is the largest oyster production center in Europe. From Camping Paradis Les Pins, you can visit this unique natural region with its stunning landscapes.

The basin covers 26 communes, including Marennes, Hiers-Brouage, Saint-Sornin, Nieulle-sur-Seudre, Mornac-sur-Seudre, Saint-Just-Luzac, La Tremblade, Le Gua, Bourcefranc-Le-Chapus and Le Château-d’Oléron. It stretches between the Gironde and Charente estuaries. It includes part of the Ile d’Oléron, as well as the Marennes and Seudre marshes.

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Camping Paradis near the Marennes basin

Just 30 km from Marennes, the 3-star Camping Paradis Les Pins is the ideal base for exploring the Marennes-Oléron basin. It’s easy to visit all the tourist attractions from your mobile home or pitch!

If you wish, Camping Paradis can advise you on your choice of leisure activities. A vacation for everyone! If you’re looking for an outdoor vacation rental near Marennes, contact Camping Paradis on +33 05 46 23 30 83 to check availability.

Camping Paradis ” heritage and culture ” vacations

In the midst of these extraordinary landscapes, between the Ile d’Oléron and Rochefort, you’ll have the chance to catch a glimpse of the citadel of Brouage. If you love history and architecture, take the time to discover Fort Louvois in Bourcefranc-Le-Chapus, an astonishing 17th-century maritime construction.

Are you a landscape hunter looking for a great shot? Climb to the top of the Marennes bell tower for a breathtaking view of the oyster basin.

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Camping Paradis: the perfect place to relax and enjoy nature

The best way to discover the natural riches of the Marennes Basin is by bike! Marennes and the surrounding area are criss-crossed by numerous cycle paths.

During your walk, stop off at the marshes of the Marennes basin, home to unique flora and fauna, including many species of migratory birds. Nature lovers will be able to observe herons, egrets and swans… As soon as the weather is fine, it’s not unusual to see storks nesting in the Brouage marshes. Here, nature is king!

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